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To start off, thanks for reading this. It makes all the difference to me that you take the time out of your day to listen to and interact with things I may have to say, because, well, I really like attention.

I mean, really REALLY. I LOVE attention, a concerning amount. I became an actor, writer, video content creator, musician, and Twitch streamer all just to get people to like me. So when you set aside a couple of minutes from your day to read this blog, know and take pride in the fact that you are enabling my most severe and incorrigible addiction.

All that said, this blog will be dedicated to arts-related topics, with the occasional segway into life-related topics, such as emotions, well-being, and self-help. I have plenty to share and learn about deeper social topics, like politics, philosophy, and anime, but I will likely reserve those topics for a separate blog under my gaming pseudonym "Shantastic93". In the meanwhile, if you are interested in a more no-holds-barred medium of my takes on any and every topic I care about, feel free to follow my Twitter account (@ShashankRK), which operates at the intersection of all my online & offline personas.

Be good to yourself - you deserve it.


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