Composer, Arranger, Instructor

Shashank is an Indian-American composer from—uhhh...it's complicated—with a passion for musical theatre & film. Shashank studied music composition at New York University, at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, & Human Development (B.M., Class of 2017). With over 21 years of experience in instrumental and vocal performance, Shashank also teaches piano at the beginner and intermediate level. They are actively accepting students of all ages.



Teaching, Composition, Arrangement


  • B.M. in Music Theory from New York University

  • Experience with over 8 different instruments

  • Flexible schedule & competitive rates

  • Accepting beginner & intermediate students of all ages!


  • Trained in composition for multimedia in Logic Pro X

  • Skill in various instrumentation styles

  • Experience in scoring & composing with South Asian instrument samples, such as tabla & sitar

  • Competitive rates


  • 17 years' experience in music notation (13 years with Sibelius 7 notation software)

  • 8 years of formal training in music theory & composition technique

  • Editing tailored to your needs & vision!


My work, from original songwriting to creative arrangements

My primary long-term pursuit is writing and composing for musical theatre. Selections below include Facades, a folk musical with original book, music, & lyrics—as well as excerpts from upcoming projects in development.

I have been writing standalone songs for 14 years; most of them about particular events or themes, too singular for a larger work, but too great to cover as part of a compilation. These songs are passion projects, rarely published commercially, but I am happy to share them upon request.

I have been a music arranger for 10 years. The majority of my experience is in a cappella at NYU, where I produced over 14 creative arrangements for NYU's Mass Transit, as a senior arranger and music director.



If you are interested in lessons or creative services, you can contact me via e-mail (ShashankRKStudio@gmail.com) or by filling out this form.


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